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About Travel Ticket app

The travel ticket app helps you pass public transport gates in the Netherlands without unwanted triggering of your wallet while presenting a barcode of a train ticket.
Public transport gates in the Netherlands do have combined readers for barcodes and NFC. This causees problems when you try to scan the barcode from a trainticket while entering or leaving a train station. This app helps you to prevent an undesired triggering of your wallet. You do this by selecting a PDF document or photo of your ticket in the app or by navigating to the ticket > share button -> ‘Present as Ticket’



The Ticket Travel app does not collect any personal data. When using the app, nothing is stored or shared with others. Your location is not known, no photos or documents are shared with us.

For more information, please consult the privacy page of our organization Infoplaza.

Do I need an account?

No, you can get started right away. And it’s completely free!

Which languages are supported?

Moopmoop is available in Dutch, German, French and English.
Is dat niet super?! // N’est-ce pas gĂ©nial ?! // Ist das nicht toll?! // Isn’t that great?!

On which smartphones does the app work?

The app works on all Apple iPhones. You can download the Ticket Travel app for iOS here!